Monday, July 24, 2006

Voices of Chronic Pain: Results of national survey by the American Pain Foundation

Chronic pain is one of the greatest and least understood epidemics in America. Millions of Americans suffer with their pain needlessly, resulting in significantly losses of productivity and income as well as negative impacts on their personal and family lives. 

While options exist for the control and management of this chronic pain, many suffers avoid using some of the most effective treatments. This avoidance is rooted in several areas, including social stigmas difficulties with dosing schedules and even the overall efficacy of the medications. 

In an effort to better understand these attitudes, the American Pain Foundation asked David Michaelson & Company, LLC to conduct a comprehensive study of chronic pain patients who use opioids in order to better understand their attitudes toward this treatment as well a understand their unmet needs for pain manage-ment. This report presents the detailed findings from that study.

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