Tuesday, July 11, 2006

International Pain Education Program

The International Pain Education Program (IPEP) is an exciting
collaborative development between three universities (University of
Sydney, University of Edinburgh and University of California, San
Francisco) internationally recognised for their excellence in pain
management and research. The program builds on the combined
expertise of the three universities to provide a unique example of
postgraduate level education in pain management to practitioners
around the world. IPEP is delivered entirely online and a key aspect
is the multidisciplinary background of the students enrolled.

IPEP aims to educate clinical practitioners so they are better
enabled to deliver improved patient care and clinical outcomes. The
course content is clinically relevant, informed by leading
international research, and covers the relevant basic sciences,
concepts of pain, and clinical approaches and procedures for acute
and chronic management of pain by multidisciplinary teams.

The program is targeted at graduates in medicine, dentistry,
psychology, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other
relevant disciplines who manage patients in pain.


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