Saturday, July 15, 2006

MGH Cares About Pain Relief Initiative

MGH Cares About Pain Relief is an educational initiative. We do not treat patients, nor do we provide consultation in the diagnosis or treatment of individual patients. If you are seeking treatment for pain, click one of the buttons below to be taken to the web page for these treatment programs.

There is a complex interaction of factors that create significant barriers to pain relief in spite of our ability to adequately treat most pain. MGH Cares about Pain Relief is an MGH-wide initiative to raise consciousness about the problem of pain and to provide information and education about pain for patients and their families as well as for professionals. The Pain Relief initiative was originally in funded 1999 by a grant from the Mayday Fund. In 2003 it became part of Patient Care Services. The Mission of MGH Cares About Pain Relief is to support all Massachusetts General Hospital educational, clinical, and research programs related to pain. We support the Hospital's Mission by providing educational programs and resource assistance to clinical educators, practicing clinicians, administrators, and patients and their families.

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