Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mark R. Collen is the creator and project manager of the PAIN Exhibit. He started it in 2001 as a response to the years of undertreatment he endured. In addition, Mr. Collen has created art pieces about his pain and has discovered that art is far more effective at communicating the pain experience than words; his first piece entitled “Chronic Pain” marked the beginning of the Exhibit. Mark's desire to help end undertreatment coupled with his understanding of the power of art to educate were the seminal factors in the birth of the PAIN Exhibit. 

The PAIN Exhibit received over 500 entries of pain art from across the globe. While reviewing the art, various themes emerged. These themes revealed the most important aspects of the pain experience which artists wanted and needed to communicate. The online exhibit is organized by these themes. Although the art depicts great suffering, it also expresses transcending the suffering. 


Portraits of Pain - Suffering - Pain Visualized - But You Look So Normal - God and Religion

Isolation and Imprisonment - Miscellaneous - Unconditional Love - Hope and Transformation

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