Sunday, July 23, 2006

Recover from sports injuries with knowledge and patience

Frequently athletes react to injuries with wide range of emotions including denial, anger, and even depression. An injury often seems unfair to anyone who has been physically active and otherwise healthy. Although your feelings are real, it’s important to move beyond the negative and find more positive strategies to cope with this setback. In many cases dealing gracefully with an injury will make you a more focused, flexible, and resilient athlete. Here are some suggestions for coping with an injury.

Learn About Your Injury

Learn as much as possible about the cause, treatment and prevention of your injury. Not fully understanding an injury can cause fear or anxiety Ask the following questions of you doctor, trainer, coach or therapist until you know exactly what you can do to heal quickly and fully.

What is my diagnosis (what type of injury do I have)?

How long will recovery take?

What is the purpose of the treatments I am receiving?

What should I expect during rehab?

What alternative workouts can I safely do?

What are the warning signs that I am getting worse?

By understanding the injury and knowing what to expect during the rehabilitation process, you will feel less anxiety and a greater sense of control.


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