Monday, July 17, 2006

Me, die? You must be joking

t started with a joke. The previous day I had developed numbness in my left hand and foot and on the left side of my tongue. After being fobbed off by an avuncular locum GP (“nothing to worry about, old chap, come back in a couple of days”), I called my friend and writing partner Phil Hammond, a doctor. I told him my symptoms.
There was a pause. That was worrying because Phil rarely thinks before he speaks. “Are you telling the truth?” he asked.

“Of course.”

“In that case, mate, you’re ****ed.”

It wasn’t a very good joke.,,8123-2261166,00.html#

Vent (BBC Radio):

The radio equivalent of 70% chocolate, Vent (Radio 4) is dark and bitter, and quite delicious. It's a situation comedy about a situation potentially short on laughs - Ben, the central character, is in a coma - and it doesn't shy away from its bleaker dimensions. In fact, it revels in them. "If I wasn't in a coma before," says Ben, played by Neil Pearson, of his mother's dreary bedside account of her day, "I would be by now." That's typical of the sardonic mood of this comedy, based on writer Nigel Smith's own experience of a coma; an experience which, I think, gives Vent its sharp, hilarious edge.

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