Thursday, November 01, 2007

Somebody Heal Me: The Musings of a Chronic Migraineur

I have had migraines for 25+ years, and I also have depression, IBS and degenerative disc disease.

I have had chronic migraines for more than four years. They have nearly taken over my life. I started having migraines when I was six years old, but until 2003 I had them only periodically and found it fairly easy to manage my life with them. Having three to four migraines a week is taking a toll on me. It is hard work being sick and trying to get well, but I'm hanging in there.

I'm engaged in seeking out news and information about migraine disease and related health issues, and I enjoy being able to pass what I learn and read about along to other people. also have a lot of thoughts about my life with these conditions, so I hope my musings will connect with someone out there.

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