Thursday, November 01, 2007

How To Cope With Pain Blog - Monthly Carnival

October Pain-Blog Carnival

Welcome to our October Pain-Blog Carnival… the best articles of the last month. This is the first of our monthly carnivals. Hope you enjoy the articles!

Fighting Fatigue writes on the Biochemical Origin on Pain, which proposes that pain disorders be classified by their inflammatory profiles. An important idea because classifying is one of the 1st steps to better understanding.

The Daily Headache asked its readers what their metaphors for pain are. From "stepping off a cliff" to "scrambled eggs" … interesting answers of how people envision - and then cope with - their illness.

Interested in learning more about virtual reality for pain? Watch this fascinating video on CRPS/RSD A Better Life of a man using VR for phantom limb pain. While I don't think the newscast's correct in saying it's just distraction that's helping (I think the brain is actually being re-trained), the video showing this treatment is great.Why is it so hard to change our habits? Why do we always fall back on established habits and motor patterns in the first place? 

In a Pain For Dummies series, Neurotopian explains what Metacognition is and why it's an important, cool tool in your brain.In addition to advocating for our own treatment, how can we help pain be better recognized and treated? 

Somebody Heal Me looks at the National Pain Care Act of 2007 - legislation being considered in the U.S. Congress to provide increased research on pain treatments, training for health care professionals, a public education and awareness campaign, and more. Learn how you can support this legislation.

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