Friday, November 09, 2007

Deric Bownds' MindBlog

Mind Blog
Most of my recent effort has been devoted to "Deric Bownds' MindBlog,"   which reports new ideas and work on mind, brain, and behavior, as well as random curious stuff. 

Mind Lectures & Writings

Here you will find a taste of the kind of material I've been working with in the past few years. For a regular lecture length chunk I recommend starting with the "The I Illusion" lecture/essay, which contains a number of simple demonstrations of how our minds work. If you want to glance at only a few paragraphs, try Mindstuff - Bonbons for the curious user. There are several other brief essays you might find interesting.

In the early 1990's I developed an interdisciplinary course at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, titled The Biology of Mind. Lecture notes from that course were transformed into a book aimed both at my course students and also the educated general public.

Biology of Mind
This gives you a full web version of that book, with complete references not included in the hard copy version (cover show above), which can be obtained from either Amazon or John Wiley & Sons.

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