Wednesday, December 22, 2010

US Drug Watchdog Urges All Facebook & Social Network Users To Tell Their Friends About The Darvocet & Darvon Pain Pill Recall & Severe Heart Damage

The US Drug Watchdog is urging all US adult members of Facebook, or all social networks to post a message to their friends regarding the recalled pain pills Darvocet, and Darvon, out of fear many millions of US adults could still be using these drugs. Used to treat mild to moderate pain, propoxyphene is sold by prescription under the brand names Darvon and Darvocet, a drug which also includes acetaminophen, and has been linked to potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities in users, heart attacks, and even death. The group says, " we received three calls this week from individuals using Darvocet, they had not heard of the recall, However, all three have had recent heart attacks." They say, "with more than 22 million users of Darvocet, or Darvon in the United States, and a recall barely a month old, our greatest worry is many to most victims, or loved ones of victims of heart rhythm abnormalities, heart attacks, or even death would have never realized that these drugs could have been the cause, or contributing factor." The US Drug Watchdog is urging Facebook, or social network users to post a message on their Facebook, or social network about the Darvocet, or Darvon recalls, with a link to the US Drug Watchdog's web site at http://USDrugWatchdog.Com

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