Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Child in Pain: What Health Professionals Can Do to Help By Leora Kuttner

Have you ever struggled to find the best way to ease a child's pain?  Do you feel that you lack some of the practical skills needed to deal with children's pain, and also to help children make sense of and deal with their own pain?

Now, finally, here is a book that will give you the practical strategies that are based on a sound comprehensive scientific framework. This volume is designed to help pediatric health professionals gain a true understanding of childhood pain.  Pain is the most common reason for children to seek a medical consultation – and sometimes is the most common reason for avoiding it. Unaddressed fears and anxiety complicate pain management and recovery. This book comprehensively examines children's fears and anxieties that accompany their need for pain relief, and gives the professional the communication skills and words that can help calm these fears.

This book is addressed to all disciplines, and is organized into three parts: Part I explores the scientific understanding of pain as a part of children's development; Part II explores pain treatments themselves, their efficacies and how to combine them for therapeutic impact; and Part III uses this understanding to help translate knowledge into clinical practice in three major arenas of pediatric medicine: the physicians' office, the dentist's office, and in the hospital.

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