Sunday, November 09, 2008

October Pain-Blog Carnival

In Sickness and In Health offers a look at her own panic when pain flares in The Pain-Panic Syndrome.

Somebody Heal Me asks why it's so difficult to have an honest conversation about medication side effects in Topamax Troubles:  Why Is It So Hard to be Honest About Side Effects?

The writer at Chronic Illness Pain Support is usually the helper, but writes in this post about her own challenge now when no one calls and no one offers to help.  She's left Feeling a Touch Frustrated… and Lonely. 

Fighting Fatigue describes her experience when an acquantance shared, unsolicited, his theory about her illness in Another Theory I Was Given About Fibromyalgia.

Being Chronically Ill is a Pill also writes about fear when her pain management regime changes in Rough Times Ahead.

Psychology of Pain alerts us to the danger of kids getting into adults' narcotics medications in Prescription Opiates and Kids: One Pill Can Kill.

CRPS-RSD A Better Life writes about Alternate Nostril Breathing, with a caution.

Raingem: Migraine News, Commentary, and Opinions reviews the Effectiveness of Hypnosis in Headache and Migraine Treatment.

More about headache from SciTech Journal in Scientific Cause of Headache.

The Back Pain Blog writes about using heat to relieve back and neck pain in Declaring War on Neck Pain.

A Chronic Dose looks at the importance of the female vote when it comes to health care and why, with chronic disease such an integral part of health care policy and reform, we need to be educated and engaged voters. A must read: Women, Health Care and the Presidential Election: Why Our Vote Matters.

And IC Disease astounds us with a figure on healthcare costs in The Cost of Chronic Illness…  another reason to educate ourselves about healthcare issues.

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