Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November Pain-Blog Carnival: Thankfulness | How To Cope With Pain Blog

Fighting a serious infection that left her in the hospital for a week, Lisa at Rest Ministries shares how this Thanksgiving has new priorities and joys that previous holidays didn’t have, and how she’s learning contentment while dealing with the challenges of recovery.

Rosalind at Working with Chronic Illness presents Thanksgiving - Is It About Turkey or Thanks?, with the top 5 things she’s thankful for.

HealthSkills writes about the concept of acceptance, a big challenge when you have chronic pain.

CRPS-RSD A Better Life connects the US president-Elect Obama’s speech Yes, We Can to our own goals of living fully despite pain.

Ordinary Miracles notes our poor understanding of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) - we’re not sure what to call it, we’re uncertain what causes it, and we’re not great at treating it.

The Back Pain Blog writes about an alternative treatment to steroid injections, in his education series about sciatic nerve pain.

Psychology of Pain links to the Washington Post’s article about the cause of Gulf War Illness, a disease which includes pain, headaches and fatigue

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