Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Funky Winkerbean


Lisa's Story

"A good cartoonist is one who can make people laugh. A great cartoonist is one who can make people laugh in the midst of fear, sadness, and uncertainty."

— Regina Brett, breast cancer survivor
and president of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists

"Tom Batiuk has brought breast cancer into the unique venue of the comic strip with sensitivity, realism, and wit – attributes essential to the breast cancer experience."

— Andrea Martin, breast cancer survivor
and founder and executive director of the Breast Cancer Fund

In March 2006, Lisa's cancer returned in a more serious form. Following another round of chemo, her cancer appeared to go into remission again in early 2007, but on May 9th, 2007, her doctor revealed that her medical charts had gotten mixed up and her disease was in fact progressing. In a King Features press release[1], it was revealed that "Lisa will start chemo again, learn that her long-range prospects aren't hopeful, stop chemo, deal with telling her daughter about her cancer situation, [and] testify before Congress about the need for cancer research and cope with friends and family." Batiuk has also been very open that Lisa's latest ordeal will end with her death[2] and some of the events that will take place as a result. The entire storyline, which is slated to end in October 2007, will be collected and published in a book entitled "Lisa's Story: The Other Shoe"[3]. The book will include the strips from Lisa's initial battle with cancer as well.

After the May 2007 strip ran, Tom Batiuk discussed his reasoning for pursuing the plotline was inspired by his own personal battle against prostate cancer[4].

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