Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pain Narrative Videos | Pain Education and Advocacy | University of New England

UNE's Center for Excellence in Neurosciences and Interprofessional Education Collaborative have partnered to create this collection of pain narrative videos as part of a group of interprofessional training materials. These materials were crafted to aid future practitioners in providing the highest quality of care to patients experiencing chronic pain. They highlight the importance of working interprofessionally and approaching the patient as a whole person when in treatment. Included are outcomes from a project funded in part by the Maine Cancer Foundation to examine cancer pain from an interprofessional perspective and shed light on a wide variety of obstacles that cancer pain patients face over the course of their treatment and life after treatment.

The pain narrative videos collected here give unique insight into the lives of patients experiencing chronic pain. Their intended use is as educational material or for patient advocacy, in pieces or as a whole.

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