Monday, February 01, 2016

Relief: Pain Research News, Insights And Ideas - Brought To You By The Pain Research Forum

RELIEF is a freely available news web site that translates the latest pain research into clear and accessible language and ideas for patients and the general public.

Who is this site for?

Anyone touched by or interested in the problem of chronic pain. It is intended for those with little or no scientific background in pain research.

Why did we create this site?

There is a large amount of pain research taking place in labs throughout the world. But few mechanisms exist to translate the latest research findings into clear, jargon-free language for a general audience. We want patients and others interested in the issue of chronic pain to be well informed about the latest research. Our goal is to provide readers with the information and knowledge they need so that they can talk to journalists, policymakers, healthcare providers and others in order to help raise awareness of chronic pain and rally support for much-needed pain research.

What types of content does RELIEF provide?

We publish summaries of the latest research findings, feature articles, and interviews with pain researchers, advocates, and patients. We also host podcasts and webinars.