Friday, February 06, 2015

Preventing Chronic Pain - A Human Systems Approach: A Massive Open Online Course - School of Dentistry - University of Minnesota

Did you know that chronic pain is now at epidemic levels and has become the highest-cost condition in health care? Would you like to learn more about chronic pain conditions and how they can be prevented?

Chronic pain – including orofacial, head, neck and back pain – is the most prevalent chronic condition, the top reason for health care visits, and the primary driver of health care costs. The personal cost of chronic pain can be devastating resulting in loss of function, disability, depression, addiction and suicide. This unique educational experience utilizes creative, experiential teaching methods and evidence-based information to help you understand chronic pain conditions and how they can be prevented through self-management. Emphasis will be placed on using a human systems approach to appreciate how risk factors in the cognitive, behavioral, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental realms of life can interact to perpetuate chronic pain. You will take away from this course specific strategies to enhance protective factors that can transform your life and the lives of your patients to one of health and wellness.

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