Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August Pain-Blog Carnival | How To Cope With Pain Blog

August Pain-Blog Carnival

In Sickness and In Health writes about why asking for help, especially from our spouse/partner, is difficult to do in Hard Conversations.

Coping with pain is also hard.  Psychology of Pain discusses why some people are more able to deal with the challenge in Is Pain All in the Mind?

HealthSkills shares a fascinating study which uses fMRI to look at the effects of hypnosis.  Are You Curious About Hypnosis?

Help My Hurt writes an informative post about identifying pain in people who can't speak or communicate discomfort in words.

Rest Ministries answers what to do when a friend just doesn't "get it."  Keep the friendship?  Try to help them understand?  Here are some answers to this friendship challenge.

Looking for a book for these last few days of vacation?  Somebody Heal Me reviews Strong at the Broken Places, which examines what it's like to live with chronic or terminal illness.

And a few valuable "how-to's"…  First, The Back Pain Blog gives some good advice about avoiding back pain at your workstation, in Prevent Back Pain with an Ergonomic Workstation.  (I loved the photos!!)

Arthritis Friend shares 3 Reasons to Keep a Food Journal to improve your health.

And Ed's Health Tips reviews how treatments including exercises and acupuncture can help frozen shoulders.

Fighting Fatigue reports on the importance of Vitamin D.

Arthritis Friend asks if this is the understatement of the day?

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