Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February Pain-Blog Carnival | How To Cope With Pain Blog

In Sickness and In Health reminds us to focus on the sweetness of the things we can do - no matter how odd they may be - like attending a 24-hour science fiction film marathon.

For another take on focusing on the positive, A Chronic Dose reports on her experience of shifting from the negatives - isolation, unproductiveness, disappointing friends - to all she's thankful for.  A great reminder to all of us.

Fighting Fatigue offers wonderful advice when shopping for clothes.  Although it might not land you a job on the runways of Paris, it'll make you more comfortable!

The First Ache, shared by Psychology of Pain, reviews the literature on fetal pain.  Thought-provoking!

What are all the benefits a personal health coach can offer?  Check out this post at CRPS/RSD A Better Life.

Spring is a time of new beginnings.  What about a new career?  When you live with chronic illness or pain, a different job is sometimes necessary.  Working with Chronic Illness offers resources for making career changes.

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