Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pediatric Pain Sourcebook of Protocols, Policies, and Pamphlets

The Problem
In spite of advances in knowledge and technology, children's suffering from pain is still a problem in most of the world. It affects both the individual child and the child's family, as well as the health care workers involved in their care.

1) Continue the discovery of new knowledge through research.

2) Promote the creation of resource material to:

  • help children and families understand and cope with pain.
  • help them access services.
  • guide health professionals and keep them up to date.
  • inform administrators and health care policy makers.

3) Improve the dissemination of these resource materials.

The goal of the Sourcebook is to improve accessibility to research that has been done and is being carried out over a dispersed international network of researchers and institutions. The hope is that making this information available on the Internet and in a published loose-leaf binder will facilitate the transfer and sharing of ideas and knowledge leading to improvements in pediatric pain management throughout the world.


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