Friday, July 09, 2010

Pain-blog Carnival, June 2010 | How To Cope With Pain Blog

Native Remedies Blog offers an article about herbs that may help lessen pain.

Somebody Heal Me suggests a topic close to my heart recently, mindfulness for chronic pain.

Maria writes 10 tips for happiness as a guest post at Crazy, Sexy Life.

Going Down Swinging shares tips for romantic relationships when one partner has chronic pain.

4 Angels Momma describes her view of life through the prism of pain.

A reader Mandy recommends a book Beat Sugar Addiction Now, as cutting back on sugar was helpful to her in lessening symptoms of fibromyalgia.

As an occupational therapist, Sheryl tells her patients to ask for help.  In an insightful post, she looks at why it’s hard for those with chronic pain to request assistance.

Spine Health reports on exercises that help sciatic pain.

Working with Chronic Illnessinspires with a story of working despite a “shi**y, go*-*amned” problem.

The Daily Headache shows how optimism helps her stay in an “I can” mindset.

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