Monday, December 07, 2009

Power Over Pain Action Network

POP Campaign

The Power Over Pain Campaign (POP) is a grassroots effort designed to engage pain care advocates - both individuals and organizations - to implement action-oriented public awareness, education, and pain policy improvement activities in their state.

  • Goal: To increase the number of Americans receiving effective pain relief. 
  • Mission: To inform, motivate, and harness the millions of voices of people affected by pain, in order to raise public awareness and promote the best pain policy, legislation, and practice. See Vision, Purpose and Goals.

Pain is a national healthcare crisis. It is our nation's hidden epidemic.

  • Pain is the number one reason people seek medical care. More than 76.5 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and another 25 million suffer from acute pain as a result of injuries or surgery.
  • While most painful conditions can be relieved with proper treatment, people in pain face significant barriers that prevent proper assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of their pain. Adequate pain care is necessary for improving and maintaining quality of life for people with pain and their families.

The Bottom Line: People in pain have a right to timely, appropriate pain care.

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