Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Med School For You - Pain management (Canadian Pain Coalition · Canadian Pain Society · Pain Explained · Chronic Pain Association of Canada · Associat

This classroom will provide you with information on different types
of pain, how to prevent painful conditions and how to management of
all types of pain

Chronic Pain Self Management
Self-management programs for patients with chronic health conditions
assist patients by providing them with education to help them manage
their conditions. Here we will provide you with an overview of the
Chronic Pain Self Management program.

Pain Syndromes
Find out about over 40 different pain conditions with links available
to additional information.

How to Talk to your Physician
Shows you real life examples of how to communicate with your
physician and how to make the best use physician visit.

Patient Resources
Welcome to the Pain Resource Centre, the one place to get pain

Pain Prevention
Learn how to prevent painful conditions with preventative advice.

Learn about Pain from the same courses your doctors take.

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