Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pain-Blog Carnival, April 2009 | How To Cope With Pain Blog

I'm doing this month's carnival a bit differently.  Instead of blogs sending in their own posts, I'm venturing out and choosing some of my favorite blogs and articles.  Each month, I'll choose 10 or so articles for you to read.  Let me know what you think of the new format!

Fighting Fatigue is newly redesigned and a great resource.

There are things we have to do without because of pain.  For The Sassy Lime, it's chocolate, becuase of her migraines.  My sympathies!

Here's an excellent explanation of mirror therapy at The Neurotopian.

Working with Chronic Illness has a great interview about getting a job if you have a chronic disease.

The Daily Headache writes about doing activities, even if it'll cause pain later, by scheduling in a break.

2 articles from A Chronic Dose…  the first on making sense of medical errors and her saga when her lungs didn't get the "it's spring" memo.

Somebody Heal Me shares the results of a recent nerve block.

The always funny Migraine Chick shares migraine haikus.

Psychology of Pain writes about the crazy world of workers' compensation.

Health Skills has an excellent educational article about attention management for chronic pain.

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