Wednesday, October 01, 2008

September Pain-Blog Carnival | How To Cope With Pain Blog

New Beginnings = New Treatments

Psychology of Pain has the most exciting article of the month, describing a University of Michigan study using gene therapy for severe cancer pain.  Wow!

Somebody Heal Me will be trying a new treatment, Botox, for migraine prevention.  Despite reservations and low expectations, she’ll be giving it a (ha, ha) shot.

A new contributor, Fibromyalgia Advice, takes the plunge of trying a new doctor and method.  Read about a chiropractic approach called NUCCA and how it’s working.

New Beginnings = New Outlooks

Arthritis Friend, shares a story about a man’s acceptance of his invisible illness, and how he decided to make it more visible.

How do we make each day a new beginning?  Spiritual Healing Journey looks at letting go of the old to make room for healing.

A Chronic Dose explores how our expectations can hinder our keeping an open mind.

New Beginnings = Doing Things Differently

Can’t do what you once did?  Then can you re-invent yourself?  Working with Chronic Illness creatively explores how the new world of virtual jobs can open up many possibilities.

Great advice comes from Spine Health in 5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Family Healthy for Back-to-School.

New Beginnings = New Learning

The Back Pain Blog reviews what causes herniated discs.  Thorough and helpful.

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