Thursday, October 23, 2008

International Association for the Study of Pain | Global Year Against Cancer Pain

I am pleased to announce that IASP is launching the 2008–2009 Global Year Against Cancer Pain to focus attention on the pain and suffering faced by people with cancer. Through this campaign, IASP seeks to provide a voice to those with cancer-related pain by "Raising Awareness, Improving Treatment, and Growing Support." We hope the program will serve as an important first step toward reducing cancer-related pain and suffering for people around the world. 

Throughout the year, IASP's members and chapters will organize various programs and events designed to highlight the issues associated with cancer pain. Specifically, these efforts will encourage and promote:

  • Proper assessment and management of cancer pain by knowledgeable clinicians
  • Increased access to appropriate treatments for cancer pain
  • More research on the underlying biology of cancer pain
  • Development of new therapies to relieve the pain and suffering of cancer patients

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