Thursday, July 03, 2008

June Pain-Blog Carnival: Summer! | How To Cope With Pain Blog

Vacations can mean flying by plane.  Spine Health gives us 5 tips to make flying pain-free.

Rhymes with Migraine share some tips she's learned from her own travels to make the journey more pleasant and do-able.

Don't want to fly… or even leave home?  Somebody Heal Me writes about vacationing at home.   "Living well with chronic health conditions is all about adapting things to work for you.  By staying home, you can get the relaxation you crave, while also accommodating your health needs."

Even if you don't work or if you need to take things easy because of pain, you still need a vacation.  Working with Chronic Illness tells us the wise reasons why.

Summer also means having extra time for reading.  Here are some other great submissions:

Migraine Chick shares with us some rules about living with migraines and chronic pain that she's learned the hard way.  How many can you relate to?!?

I'm in so much pain.  Fighting Fatigue writes about the risks of faking it - pretending nothing's wrong, when you're really in a lot of pain.

If you have to stay in bed, you can still be productive.  Read 75 great suggestions at Sitting Up is for Suckers: Tools, Tips and Hacks to Work from Bed.

The Back Pain Blog educates us about the difference between acute and chronic pain, and what morning neck pain could be.

Psychology of Pain writes about a new website, Pain Explained, which has info for both patients and healthcare providers.

Natural Pain Relief shares some natural products that might potentially help neuropathy (nerve pain).

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