Monday, December 31, 2007

December Pain-Blog Carnival | How To Cope With Pain Blog

Welcome to December's Pain-Blog Carnival…  the best pain articles in December.  Many of you are on vacation for the holidays, so you'll have this whole week to enjoy these great pain articles!  I'll be back next Monday with a series on learning new pain management techniques and how to help yourself regularly use those that work.  Think of it as your at-home tutorial in pain management!

What's Positive Psychology?  Healthskills:  Skills for Healthy Living looks at how optimism, resilience and adaption can help people with pain.

Do doctors abide by the Hippocratic oath when treating pain disorders such as fibromyalgia?  A very interesting post at Living with Fibromyalgia looks at how well (or poorly!) doctors work with patients when there aren't a lot of answers.

Laurie at A Chronic Dose reflects on the precarious relationship between stress and illness in her own life, especially during the last few weeks of grades due, moving, project deadlines…  does that sound familiar to anyone??

Winter is infection time… colds, the flu, bronchitis.  Fighting Fatigue shares with us why patients with pain may have more infections, and how to prevent and treat them.

Holiday invitations are sometimes challenging for those of us with pain… accept?  decline?  feel guilty?  overdo it?  Somebody Heal Me: The Musings of a Chronic Migraineur gives some sound advice for any time of year in 7 Tips for Social Plans When You're Chronically Ill.

Another great post that looks at how to best enjoy the holiday season (or any hectic time!) even with pain is this one from Nickie's Nook.  Some great suggestions are here!

CRPS-RSD A Better Life looks back over the year at what she's learned to help with chronic pain.

Welcome to Andrea's Buzzing About, a new submitter to the carnival.  Check out her thoughts about the experience of pain that doesn't go away - a description of the chronic pain experience in a nutsehll.

Emotional support and early treatment for soldiers in pain is crucial, shows a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins.  Troops treated in Iraq were much more likely to return to active duty, compared to those evacuated to another country's facility.  Psychology of Pain provides the interesting story.

Sufferer of RSD writes about needing to find new things in life to love.  "The things I once loved to do are now a shadow in the back of my mind.  This post reflects on finding new things to do that closely resemble my shadows."

Working with Chronic Illness looks at going into business for yourself.  Good idea?  Risky?  Check out her post to see.

Counting Sheep, a nurse anesthetist, reflects on the science and the art of treating and preventing pain.

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