Wednesday, January 31, 2007

International Association for the Study of Pain | Core Curriculum for Professional Education in Pain, 3rd Edition

The third revision of the International Association for the Study of Pain® (IASP®) Core Curriculum has been many years in gestation. It follows the very successful format used by Dr. Howard L. Fields, editor of the second edition. The content has been expanded by over one-third; new chapters have been added, and virtually all the text and the references have been revised. It is hoped that members will find this a significantly improved resource for patient care and training purposes.

In the future, the curriculum core group believes the Web to be an ideal way to bring timely and rapid updates of this curriculum to the widest possible audience. We hope that this resource can become a dynamic and freely available asset for anyone with an interest in pain.

This publication is copyrighted. To obtain permission to reproduce any part of the book from the hard copy or the Web site, please contact IASP at:

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