Sunday, December 03, 2006

HubMed: RSS feeds of PubMed

HubMed is an alternative, third-party interface to PubMed, the database of biomedical literature produced by the National Library of Medicine. Features include relevance-ranked search results, web feeds of query updates, direct citation export, graphical display of related articles and tagging of articles. (

Almost Everything About HubMed

I have heard from many colleagues and graduate students about their problems in finding literature resources for their needs and interests and then of trying to maintain current awareness around those resources. This prompted me to write an editorial on HubMed. HubMed is found at and is a parallel search engine to PubMed, or as some people have said “HubMed is like PubMed on steroids.” Any search strategies you use in PubMed may be used in HubMed and once you have the core skills for efficient searching of PubMed, HubMed offers many options that are not found in the original PubMed.

This editorial outlines the complete functionality of HubMed and describes how to exploit HubMed to maximum advantage for the person seeking information from the peer reviewed literature that is indexed by PubMed.

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