Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rehabilitation- and Research Centre for Torture Victims

A world without torture and other forms of organised violence

Objectives RCT's work is basically founded on the respect for human rights and the dignity and integrity of each individual. Therefore, it is RCT's proclaimed objective to help alleviate the human suffering resulting from torture – both for the individual, the family members and the community. RCT also aims at preventing torture. RCT seeks to achieve this aim by altering the mechanisms resulting in torture in each country. By preventing torture, we also ensure respect for human rights, social justice and a development towards a society without human suffering.


The objectives are:

  • to expose and document torture on a health professional basis
  • to develop clinical diagnoses and treatment methods of torture survivors on the basis of systematic examination of the torture survivors and research into torture and organised violence
  • to apply the experiences thus achieved in the education and advocacy in order to contribute to the global effort to abolish torture.

RCT aims at achieving the three objectives by:

  • running a centre that undertakes clinical research and method development in order to provide knowledge on torture and the form and extent of the after-effects of torture as well as treats and rehabilitates persons who have been subjected to torture
  • conducting education and advocacy in order to promote knowledge of the reasons for torture, conventions and laws, treatment methods and prevention of torture
  • carrying out project work in the South in co-operation with centres and programmes aiming at treating and rehabilitating torture survivors and preventing torture

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